- Document Required

Please make sure that we receive ALL the following documents to be able to complete your hajj application. Failure to do so may result in delays or the rejection of your application by the Saudi Embassy. All documents must be provided in English unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions please call our customer service at 425-522-4292

Do you have all the documents?

1. U.S. Passport valid for at least Eight month from the return date with 2 empty pages side by side, or any passport with Notarized copy of Green Card both sides in one page (The Saudi Embassy will ask your original Green Card)
2. Vaccination Card (or any proof of vaccination) for Meningitis
3. A copy of Marriage Certificates for couples (in English)
4. two passport sizes photos (white background only)(SISTER PLEASE WEAR HIJAB) write your name in the back of each photos with pencil only
5. No objection letter from husband or son, notarized by notary public for sister age 45 who travels without muhrim (this is a must for sister age 45+)
6. A copy of certificate of convert for those with non-Muslim’s name
7. A copy of Birth certificate for those who traveling with child(ren)
8. Hajj Fee of $300 and Zabiha of $150 payable to Arrahman Hajj (Please include in your full payment)
    Full payment is due NO LATER than May 15, 2017
10. Please download and fill out the Visa Application and Saudi Agreement
11. Include prepaid Fedex only or $40 payable to Arrahman Hajj for those who are out of Seattle area to return your passport