- Valuable Advice

Before you leave for Hajj, Please Remember!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Don’t forget to pray two raka’ah before you leave the house.
  2. Write the important WILL to your family in case something happened to you.
  3. Read the do’a of travelling.
  4. Remember that you are going for Hajj, not picnic or for FUN. 
  5. Make a lot of dzikir, do’a, or read Qur’an while you are on the plane.
  6.  Hajj is a form of Jihad, Therefore you will find a lot of difficulties on your journey and while you are in the holy lands.   YOU HAVE TO PREPARE FOR THAT.
  7. When you arrive in Jeddah, you will arrive with millions of people from around the world.  You are going to be tested with the first test.  Maybe you have to wait for hours to process your passport or you will meet with rude people, etc. 
  8. BE PATIENT! Remember that Shaitan will come to you and will encourage you to be angry, or say bad words, hoping that your hajj will be destroyed by that. It will be easy to be angry because you will be tired and not get enough sleep.  SO BE AWARE OF THAT!. Don’t lose your temper.  Remember that you already spend a lot of money and energy.  And Remember you are on Jihad.
  9. Remember that if you compare the difficulties of those people before you, long time ago when they made hajj, is NOTHING.  They took months or years to get to Makkah.  No AC and the water are not available.
  10. The most important thing is to remember that your goal is to have your Hajj accepted and to be forgiven for all of your sins.  To do that, you have to busy yourself in ibadah.Don’t worry about what you see wrong from other Muslims, Worry about what you do and whether Allah will accept your Hajj Performance or not