- Hajj Itinerary 2014/1435 H

These dates are tentative and could change depending on the lunar calendar

No.Day/DateProgram Itinerary
1September 19 (24 Dzulqaidah)Leave USA
2September 20  (25 Dzulqaidah)Arrive Jeddah.
3September 21 (26 Dzulqaidah)Arrive in Makkah, check into the hotel. Take a rest. Perform Umroh
4September  21 - 25 (26 Dzulqaidah to 1 Dzulhijjah Do a lot of Ibadah in Masjidil Haram and we will have a one day visit the Historical Places in Makkah
5September 25/ 1 DzulhijjahLeave Makkah to Madinah.

September 25 - 29/1-5 Dzulhijjah

Stay in Madinah, do a lot of ibadah in Masjid Nabawi. There will be a one day tour to historical places in Madinah
7September 29/ 5 Dzulhijjah

Leave Madinah to Residential unit (AZIZIAH) for intensive preparation for hajj


September 30 - October 1/6 - 7 Dzulhijjah

Stay in Residential Unit (Aziziah)

October 2/8 Dzulhijjah

Going to Mina (we will spend the night in the tent in MINA)
10October 3/9 DzulhijjahGoing to Arafah early in the  morning
11October 4/10 DzulhijjahLeave Muzdhalifah going to Jamarat, then to Makkah ( We have to return to Mina before Sunset )
12October 5/11 DzulhijjahStay in Mina and Throwing
13October 6/12 DzulhijjahLast day of Throwing, Return to Aziziah, Tawaf Wada'
14October 7 /13 Dzulhijjah   Leave Makkah to Jeddah to USA