What Should You Bring on Your Hajj Trip?

    1. Passport, Yellow Card (vaccination card/letter), Cashier check (will be attached to your passport when you receive your passport back with hajj visa) and Green Card or any other document (for non-American Citizen).

    2. Bring Qur’an, Islamic Book, Notebook, Hajj Book, Do’a book, etc

    3. Make sure to bring enough money for your trip (around $1000 depending what you need to buy for gift)

    4. Get some safety pockets and a safety belt to keep your money and the documents with you.

    5. Bring the necessary clothes (at least 6), socks, shoes/sandals, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.                              

    6. If you are sick or need certain medication, take it with you. Medicines, however is plenty in Saudi.

    7. It will be hot in Arafah, bring sun glasses or umbrella and BOTTLE Spray.

    8. You need to bring some kind of bag to put your shoes/sandals when you enter the masjid.

    9. Bring light jacket, sometimes a little bit cold in Madinah in the morning.

    10. Bring a bed sheet, and light blanket for sleeping in Mina

    11. Bring a backpack to carry to mina as we are going to leave our luggage in Aziziah

    12. Bring bath or small towel for Aziziah and Mina 
    13. You may bring camera, unlocked cellphone, walkie talkie, camcorder or tape recorder